Local Perspectives Episode 2 - “It’s Just Another Rep” Feat. Brandon Rahe

If you thought hitting the gym was solely about getting swole and beach ready, think again.  Brandon Rahe is the founder of Go Headquarters, a full service athletic training facility here in St. Augustine.  His big picture approach to training and fitness lend special value to what happens in the gym and broadens its application to reach into everyday life - with its unexpected challenges. In this episode, you'll hear Brandon relate how he discovered St.Augustine and progressively started and developed his business. He shares how a high school injury set in motion events that sparked within him a desire to mentor others, helping them get fit and functional.

I could go on, but I'll let the full interview do the talking. This is a conversation you'll enjoy. I want to thank Brandon for making his gym available for filming, Bill Harker of HH Films, and the friendly folks at The Print Shop of St. Augustine, Inc.

All The Best! 

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