Local Perspectives Episode 5 Feat. Photographer & Business Manager Justin Snavely

'We want to live in a place that we can all be proud of.'


I think the sentiments of today's guest are shared by many of us. Today, I have the joy of presenting a two part discussion with Hyppo Coffee Bar manager and photographer Justin Snavely. Justin is someone who I've found to be incredibly approachable. Whether our private conversations have involved the Atlanta scene, Prince, or rebranding...I kept thinking he would be a wonderful guest.

I remember how supportive and attentive he was when I worked on episode one in quite the DIY fashion. His advice, feedback and encouragement were meaningful.

Justin joins Local Perspectives to share a glimpse of his childhood, how he settled into this quaint city of creatives and his take on rock music's evolution. We covered a lot of ground in part one of our discussion. So hit pause on the day for an enriching local perspective.