St. Augustine Through My Eyes Feat. Sandro Young of Dusty Nomad and “The Road Less Traveled”

I’ve been looking forward to this writing collaboration with my good friend Sandro for a long time. He and I were absolutely cut from the same cloth and have shared some hilarious, heartfelt memories. I remember being introduced to him while he still lived in Minnesota over ten years ago. We’d text each other everyday, and he’d enrich my taste in music (for which I’m still grateful), build me up spiritually, and become a fast friend. I’ll never forget the day our buddy Darren’s dad mistook me for him one summer afternoon. I got to Darren’s  house early while Sandro was still en route. Imagine our shock when greeting each other at the door to find that we were sporting the same monochromatic get up: black cap, black tee, blue jeans, and checkered Vans. Real life is stranger than fiction. I’ll also remember with piercing clarity the way he read a troubled expression on my face one morning and quickly helped me avert what would have been a traumatic encounter.

Our lives played out in parallel fashion a couple of times when we ventured onto the same banking and interpreting career paths. I had the pleasure of working an assignment with him for the better part of 2018. We bounced creative ideas off of each other constantly.

Sandro has a unique story that beautifully intertwines with our storied coast. He was kind enough to carve out time from his demanding schedule to write what follows. I want to celebrate him for his talents, values, and his way with people.  Meet my brother in Christ, a loving father of two, husband to a heroic woman, and a creative on the rise. Come see STA through his eyes.


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