Training Like an Athlete in the Old City


If you could train with someone recognized for eight consecutive years as St. Augustine's "Best Personal Trainer", would you?  Several dozen St. Augustinians do just that with Brandon Rahe, founder of GO Headquarters AKA GoHQ - a 4,300 square foot facility complete with an outdoor obstacle course.

Brandon and his dedicated team of coaches challenge their athletes to push themselves to new heights and obtain the most from varied, intense sessions.  As a client of four years, I can attest to the comprehensiveness of the workouts.  Within a one hour session, athletes develop mobility, agility and strength through well planned circuit training.

We live in an increasingly data driven environment, and GoHQ takes note of this with digital logs that help athletes track personal progress in an efficient, well-informed manner.  If you want to know how you performed during a prior workout to inform the nature of a current one, that data is easily accessible.

Training at GoHQ is a great outlet in terms of mental toughness.  Working out as a class or in teams helps athletes find untapped strength - especially when they want to avoid letting down teammates who depend on their diligent performance.  Strengthening messages displayed throughout the facility such as "everything you need is already inside" and "discover the hero within", keep me going mentally when physical fatigue sets in.

More information can be found at and on social media.