Local Perspectives: Episode 3 - “It Takes a Village, and The Village is Showing Up.” Feat. Rachel Sobenesdesme

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Thanks for your patience while Episode 3 came to fruition! I’ve known Rachel and her family for over ten years. Collaborating with her was such a treat. As you’ll see, she’s someone who has a contagious, bright demeanor that will make you smile. This mom of three is nostalgic for the days when parents could let their children play outside until dinner was ready. She and her family are onto something when it comes to a return to simplicity.

Rachel joins Local Perspectives to discuss (among other things) how she makes a success of being an Airbnb host, her role as creative chair of Makersfest, and how her kids benefit from being educated via the Montessori method. 

If you’re trying to simplify your life and live with less, this installment will resonate with you and provide the encouragement you may be searching for.

The full interview is just a click away...enjoy!

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